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Clew Medical

CLEW Medical has really been able to showcase the power of AI analytics in healthcare. Not only have they built a platform that can predict a patient’s clinical state within the ICU, but they’ve built out a simplified workflow that makes it super easy for providers to manage their ICU to provide the best care possible, to the right patient, at the right time. This is everything you look for in the future of patient care analytics.


Imagia has created an impressive method to securely analyze data traditionally locked in silos across healthcare providers, a way to extract the most important insights for research utilizing artificial intelligence and built a collaboration/data analytics interface that helps users pull insights that were previously impossible. They’ve even launched a countrywide partnership in Canada working with over 97 hospitals/research organizations. They are the future of healthcare analytics.

Astarte Medical

Astarte Medical has done a phenomenal job identifying a massive need in preterm infant nutrition care, building/standardizing a practical feeding workflow for providers and is taking on the ambition to create the largest dataset of preterm infant microbiome profiles. They are everything you look for in the future of personalized healthcare and the future of healthcare analytics. has created the true ‘digital front door’ for care navigation. They’ve built a platform that seamlessly integrates into a providers ecosystem, conversational AI that can handle 90% of operational activities, methods to document patient navigation/profile/needs and has a pipeline to complete the patient life-cycle with post-care navigation tools. They’ve proven out their business by launching with the largest providers to lower operational costs and capture lost revenue.

Multiplier Solutions

Multiplier Solutions is by far the most interesting provider, pharma & medical device marketing solution today. They’ve automated healthcare marketing analytics, campaign management, advertising workflows and more. Their breadth of features are jaw dropping. Most healthcare startups focus on cost savings, very few companies focus on tools that drive revenue. Multiplier Solutions has proven to drive exponential revenue growth. Incredible company.


Clearstep created one of the best patient-centric solutions for navigating care. They’ve built a simple but effective conversational AI interface that walks patients through symptoms with the shortest amount of questions. With these insights they can clearly guide patients to next actions, including finding care and what it costs. This is the future of digital first, consumer-centric, care navigation.

Kencor Health

Kencor Health has built a simple but effective patient engagement ecosystem. Their platform gives providers the flexibility to create personalized care plans, easily monitor patients through a variety of data inputs, automate patient engagement and more. Simple and effective strategy - solid company.


Virgo has built an impressive cloud video capture, management and AI analysis platform that capitalizes on a massive missed opportunity within endoscopy. Their solution seamlessly connects to the output of endoscopic equipment and completely automates video recording workflow. With this toolset, they are dramatically driving enrollment rates for clinical trials. Super impressive work and technological achievement.


Andaman7 is the best consumer-centric solution for helping patients manage their healthcare data safely and securely. They make it seamless for patients to aggregate data from providers and they provide a unique peer-to-peer method of sharing data with any stakeholder. A centralized patient data storage solution-that patients are in control of, is a very powerful solution.

Professional Credentials Exchange

ProCredEx has built one of the most impressive digital credential marketplaces we’ve ever seen. They’ve built a trusted environment that validates quality data, ensures secure access to data on a need to know basis, utilizes distributed ledger technology to scale data requests securely and much more. Their customers see no change to their workflow, drastically save time/money and some can generate revenue sharing their data. ProCredEx is a solid company healthcare services need to be watching.

Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best has built an impressive platform that helps patients and healthcare stakeholders manage patient data and health. Their platform makes it seamless for providers to notify patients of data collected, keep patients engaged with managing their health and much more. You can build limitless health management applications with a centralized location for patient data. Patients Know Best has built an impressive technology solution that every healthcare stakeholder should be aware of.

Coala Life

Coala Life built one of the most impressive devices to track cardiovascular health. Their huge focus on the consumer experience and the quality of collected data puts them far ahead of everyone else. They perfected the patient experience by adding a simple user interface that seamlessly shares data with providers. They check the box of everything you look for in the future of healthcare devices and more.


Pops has built a seamless, consumer-centric solution to tackle the most prevalent chronic condition in healthcare - diabetes. They’ve built a small device that makes it easy to record, upload and analyze blood sugar levels in seconds. They’ve also built a health management application that keeps users engaged and informed about their health. This is the future of personalized health management. Everyone should be watching Pops Diabetes Care.


Oxehealth is the future of remote care management. They’ve built a device and software solution that can easily monitor patient activities and vitals at a distance securely. They also provide a dashboard that helps providers monitor patients non-intrusively at a distance and only allows access to detailed video feeds in case of emergencies. They free up staff’s time, save costs, save lives and provide much more comfort to residents in care. Awesome company.


Anagram has built an impressive solution for vision care providers to seamlessly accept out of network patients. Their platform communicates directly with insurance plans and can predict reimbursement based on services provided. Not only are they streamlining what used to be a painful process, but they’re helping vision care providers onboard more customers than ever before. Super exciting company with lots of potential.


Reveleer is tackling one of the most challenging issues faced among payers within the healthcare ecosystem. Their platform automates the data collection, outreach and analysis for the risk adjustment and quality review processes on behalf of health plans. They’ve been able to scale this service across both small and nationwide providers. They’ve taken a tedious, expensive and paper based process and turned it into a seamless experience. A great company every health plan should be watching.


DocDoc has achieved what was previously thought was impossible in healthcare services - being able to match quality care with better prices. They’ve taken the hardest approach - building a database from scratch that can truly deliver on identifying the best doctor for every patient. They’ve built this into a workflow that makes it simple to deploy as a telemedicine service that drastically reduces healthcare costs for health plans.

Medically Home

Medically Home is by far the most disruptive technology company in healthcare today. They’ve been able to move acute patients out of hospitals and into their own home at scale. They’ve now given hospitals around the world the option to focus on better care, better outcomes, all while lowering costs of care. The future of healthcare is Medically Home.


Thryve has really built an impressive service that is much more than a gut microbiome test. They’ve managed to create a database that can reliably recommend better health options, a health management application that changes consumer behaviors for the better, and they have gone as far as creating custom probiotics for their users based on test results. They have taken valuable information and built an extremely impressive health management service around it. This is the future of genetics.


NalaGentics is on the forefront of genetics potential. They are one of the few companies that are using genetics data for clinical support to improve care. They have built an end-to-end solution that makes it very easy for any provider to evaluate if any of their patients' medications could cause adverse effects based on their genetics. They are also leading sequencing services for a region that is typically underrepresented within the genetics industry.


Sweetch has built an impressive platform that takes on the most difficult problems in healthcare - changing consumer behaviors to improve/manage chronic health conditions. Their platform has the ability to personalize patient engagement at scale, across different chronic conditions, in any location across the world. Sweetch demonstrates the true power of using AI to personalize care.


Healint is taking on an overlooked but serious problem in healthcare, managing migraines. A problem that 12% of the world population suffers from. They have built an impressive application that includes a multitude of features to help users understand their migraines, predict future attacks, educate users on their problem and guide them to better health. They are a model of how you build a health management application/service to cater to a specific need in healthcare.


Arterys has built one of the most unique AI imagery platforms today. Not only have they built an impressive heart, lung and chest image recognition software with tons of features, they’ve also built a marketplace that aggregates image recognition applications for all sorts of medical applications. This marketplace makes it easy for providers to integrate one platform all while having access to a limitless set of medical imagery solutions.

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging has the most impressive cardiac imagery solution. They have an extensive list of features that provide exact heart structure measurements, impressive visualization tools, guided workflows and more. Every cardiologist should be watching Circle Cardiovascular Imaging.

DiA Imaging Analysis

DiA Imaging Analysis has built an amazing AI-powered cardiac ultrasound analysis solution. Their software seamlessly integrates into any handheld ultrasound system to generate objective and accurate clinical insights. Their platform solved the biggest pain-point of ultrasound users - properly analyzing ultrasound imagery. This is a must watch company for all providers.


VIDA has taken the time to build out the most extensive clinical dataset for respiratory diseases. They have built out a proprietary visualization tool, quality measurements, disease classification/tracking, guided workflows and more. On top of this, they provide outstanding clinical trial support for all major respiratory diseases. They are one of the most important companies to help providers navigate our way through the affects of the pandemic.

Top Global Healthcare Investors

Robert Garber

7wire Ventures is hands down one of the most impressive healthcare focused ventures globally. Not only have they built an impressive portfolio (fund that incubated Livongo) but they have built an incredible relationship/LP network with some heavy hitter healthcare stakeholders. Robert and his team have been investing in healthcare technology for decades and without a doubt are among the top healthcare venture investors globally.

Gurdane Bhutani

MBX Capital has the most impressive portfolio, team and portfolio development strategy among all healthcare venture investors. Not only have they been able to invest across a number of healthcare categories with such a small team; they’ve built out a huge healthcare advisory network that supports them with deal sourcing, portfolio development, and more. Gurdane and his team are one of the most innovative healthcare venture investors today.

Payal Agrawal Divakaran

.406 Ventures has formulated a unique healthcare services investment thesis that has allowed them to build an impressive portfolio. This is one of the few funds that made the bold decision to invest in healthcare as well as a handful of other industries. Payal is incredibly disciplined, offers outstanding support to her portfolio, and takes it for all-around investor for the healthcare industry. They definitely have a higher batting average than .406.

Harris Rose

SpringTide Ventures is the most impressive emerging healthcare venture fund today. They have built a unique healthcare AI investment thesis, have built a solid venture team and already amassed an incredible portfolio (some exits already). What’s even more impressive is they’ve built a sales network for their investment portfolio. Harris and his team are making some big moves in healthcare venture investing and everyone should be watching.

Cyril Philip

Providence Ventures has built one of the best corporate venture capital models for not just the healthcare industry, but for all CVCs. They have built an impressive investment thesis and structure to not only identify the best healthcare technology companies globally but they also have a dedicated synergy team to make every partnership a success (whether they invest or not). Cyril and his team are definitely thought leaders for the healthcare industry.

Amit Aysola

Wanxiang Healthcare Investments has built one of the most unique healthcare investment thesis. Their holistic approach to healthcare has allowed them to invest in some of the most impressive startups, even those that extend into environmental technology. They also have a unique fund structure that allows them to invest at almost any stage and they have the flexibility to change their investment thesis as the healthcare industry evolves. Amit and his team are impressive healthcare investors.

Darshana Zaveri

Catalyst Health Ventures is one of the very few venture funds that have the skills to invest in medical devices. They have a unique investment thesis and discipline to identify mechanical solutions that have a therapeutic angle. They are not afraid to be the first check or lead rounds and they offer tremendous support for their founders. Darshana and her team have been investing in medical devices for over a decade and continue to find success. One of the most impressive healthcare investors.

Qidong Jia

CentreGold Capital is one of the boldest healthcare venture capital funds globally. They focus on the pre-seed and seed stage in the most challenging venture investing industry - healthcare. This means they’re able to identify winners even at the ideation/prototype phase before anyone else, in an industry that has an extreme amount of startups. On top of this, they help their portfolio navigate healthcare’s complex regulatory environment. Qidong and his team are really impressive investors.

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Harris Rose

SpringTide Ventures is the most impressive emerging healthcare venture fund today. They have built a unique healthcare AI investment thesis, have built a solid venture team and already amassed an incredible portfolio (some exits already). What’s even more impressive is they’ve built a sales network for their investment portfolio. Harris and his team are making some big moves in healthcare venture investing and everyone should be watching.

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